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We feature thousands of freebies from more than 100 sources. All categorized and updated daily.

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We make the best and most affordable slides for Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides.

There Are Tons Of Design Freebie Sites. But We’re Worth It.

We have 1,000's of freebies

There are tons of freebies out there, and here at designresources.io, you’ll get the best in one place.

We feature many categories

Print templates, mockups, icon sets, fonts, free stock photos, most of them with many subcategories. And we’re just starting.


We scour 100's of sources

You probably know many freebie sources, but you certainly don’t want to browse them one by one, especially not daily.

We're updated daily

Get fresh freebies everyday, and get updated on the best available resources from the web, all in one place.

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Can I submit my own resources ?
Yes you can ! Simply go to this page and follow the instructions to have you work listed, with a link to your resource(s).

I like the website. Can I help ?
Well thank you, and yes you can.

If you want to spread the word, for which we’d be VERY grateful, You’ll find our networks at the bottom right of this page.

And if you have a urging feeling to help us financially (who doesn’t), you can do so getting your hands on our presentation bundles. You’ll definately like them, so it’s a win win. 🙂

Who is behind that site ?
Cool people, but more specifically :

Registered company is FCR, a training facility in all things digital, located in beautiful Reunion Island.

As for the people per se, there are Matt and Garry, both working on the training, freebies and presentation slides.

Garry is also a teacher in the french education system, covering topics like sales, communication and digital transformation.

You talk a lot about those presentation slides of yours. Where can I learn more ?
There’s no denying we want to sell those, so we do mention them often.

However, they are genuinely awesome, and if you go to this page, we’re confident you’ll see that.

Spoiler alert : on all offers we know, it’s the most affordable option.




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